Tips for Purchasing a Used Car

By Ricardo,

Tips for Purchasing a Used Car.

Buying a used car can be a hassle and not just because you are spoilt of choice when it comes to dealerships and brands. No! It’s also due to the many things you have to consider to avoid buying a lemon. After all, no one wants to buy a car only to be a liability. That is why you need to be patient and have the right tools to buy yourself an awesome stress-free used car. Fortunately, we have gathered a few tips for you to make it less daunting.

  • First of all, set your budget

Whether you are purchasing a new or used car, you have to work within your set budget. Avoid cases of bad debts. While setting your budget, also consider setting aside some extra cash for new tires, and other touch ups especially when buying from a private dealer. Dealerships usually have this covered but of course that factors in the price. Do not just jump into purchasing a used car if you aren’t sure you have the cash for the purchase and maintenance.

Setting a budget is very important in this case. If you’re looking to purchase a used car, their is a number of inexpensive brand name cars for subprime buyers that you may want to check out. Toyota is right at the top of that list for those who want quality and convenience.

  • Do your research

It’s not difficult to find a dealer, finding the right one is. With so many listings online, you have to research which dealerships have the best offers and rates. Many auto dealers rely on used car leads from auto lead providers to help match qualified buyers with a used car. In addition, remember to research on the brands and models. Know their pricing when new and used so as you can be well armed when it comes down to negotiations. The research should include the common problems associated with the brand you want to purchase as well. This helps during inspection.

  • Ask questions

There is no harm in wanting to know more about the car you want to buy. Therefore, ask all the questions that will assist you to make an informed decision. That is, why is the car being sold? Has it been involved in an accident? What is its mileage? Is it registered? How many times has it been maintained? and so on. These questions helps one to know the history of the car.

  • Inspect thoroughly

Used cars can be a pain if you fail to pay attention to the necessary details. In your checklist, you should inspect the engine; are there any leaks? How is the head gasket and the exhaust? The oil level etc. Also, inspect the bodywork, wheels and tires, interior condition, gearbox and clutch, and make sure all the documents are there and verifiable.

  • Test drive it

Once your checklist runs out, it’s time to feel out the car. Take it on a test drive. Used cars may look good but once they are on the road, they start having mechanical problems. A test drive will solve this.  During the drive, feel the steering, listen to the gear change, check the responsiveness of the clutch and brakes, and listen for engine noises and other sounds that can point out any underlying problems.

After you ensure that the used car passes all the tests, negotiate for the best and reasonable offer. Purchasing a used car need not be stressing. With these tips, you are well on your to buying a used car that will give you much service as if you were buying a new car at the end of the year.

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New Car Trends For 2019

By Ricardo,

New Car Trends 2019 with New Interior and Exterior Features For New Cars

Many of us are curious about what 2019 holds for us car lovers and new car buyers. The near future has already been released on automotive shows and captured on photos and car videos. These are the few things we are looking forward to in the upcoming year for a new car. Leads for dealerships tend to increase dramatically around the new year as many new car buyers adapt to new car trends.

Innovation, luxury, and design

To go to work each morning, you got to drive something there. Many car enthusiasts are not sure what to make of the Supra and Corvette models splashed on social media platforms as they undergo tests. The expectations and stakes are really high, in such a time where recreating such a legend is barely enough.

It is rumored that with the upcoming generation of the Corvette, the mid-engine concept will be adopted.

Safety and more safety

In 2019, even base models are expected to have adaptive cruise control, blind spot monitoring, and lane-keeping assist technologies.

The safety game has been stepped up in the Altima. Nissan has equipped it with a cruise control system named “ProPilot Assist” making the car independent to a great deal.

The steering wheel isn’t ready to fully control the car yet, but it can at least keep the vehicle between lanes, swipe through traffic and ride at a safe speed behind other cars.

Hybrid crossovers

As the trend goes, most people looking to buy cars want: “A car that is half sedan half SUV.” They want small hybrid crossovers because they can still do some of the things that larger SUVs can and still be the size of sedans.

And since automotive manufacturers really want to make what consumers need, they have developed several options for them. Even dealerships are making sure that their inventory is stocked with the latest models for new car leads and buyers.

Compact SUVs ready to be unveiled in 2019 include the Lexus UX line, Jaguar E-Pace, and Subaru Crosstrek. Lexus customers can choose between a gasoline-electric hybrid and a pure gasoline powertrain.

New looks for dominant names

The Honda Insight has re-engineered its name with a new look. In the 90s, Honda gave us the first Insight which most car critics dismissed on rather baseless claims. They decided to give it a shot once more.

The model they came up with couldn’t challenge the Prius in a lot of ways. 2019 is quite a success story for Honda. They remade the Insight, packed it with the Civic’s offerings and parts and are waiting to declare this a win for the whole world to see.

We are so looking forward to all these cool upcoming cars.

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Buying A Car At The End Of The Year

By Ricardo,

The end of the year is really the best time to be a car owner, just as the popular belief goes. During the last weeks of the year, there are numerous advertisements for more favorable deals than in other months. Even people with bad credit can find a good deal during this time. When such people need to get a loan for a new or used car, they fill out information on a website that links them to car dealerships. The salesman then calls the individual and lets them know about the new and used cars they qualify to own.

Information acquired from the website indicates potential buyers who are referred to as leads. These buy new car leads are crucial for marketing companies and dealerships alike.

Why is it the best time to buy a car?

According to AutoTrader, the end of the year is really the best time of the year to buy a new car.  Leads from AutoFriend have helped dealerships nationwide with their end of year sales.

Across the U.S., there are usually low temperatures that prevent buyers from venturing out to showrooms or going to search for cars. And then, most potential buyers are buying holiday tours, presents, and gifts instead of cars.

Automobile manufacturers want to have sold out their current model year, hence they have to make sure that they close as many deals to introduce new model years to replace the outgoing ones. Any car dealer would not want to have a 2018 model at their showrooms in 2019. They will definitely push for the 2018 models to get cleared out of inventory. This is where AutoFriend Leads Inc. comes into play. They are extremely crucial in identifying car buyers to reach the model year goals. Dealerships in return will buy new car leads to find the right car buyer to purchase from their 2018 inventory.

Another reason is the sales target set by automakers. With only a few weeks for the year to end, automakers introduce stronger incentives and better deals to enable them to reach their sales target.

Are special holiday offers really special?

Most offers are special, for one or more of the reasons we stated above. As the cars were easier to sell before, then there was no need for special deals – and the cars might not be available after the last few weeks of the year.

If you are comfortable with an outgoing model year, December holiday offers might be the best ever.

Is it wise to buy?

Yes, if one is at ease with owning an outbound model year, isn’t afraid of some little cold weather and isn’t intent on buying all the holiday gifts in the world. This is the time to sign up, become a new car lead, and wait to get limitless offers to choose from.


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Top 5 Cheapest Cars For Subprime Buyers

By Ricardo,

If your credit score is currently bad, you might be wondering how to find a car loan with favorable terms. It can be very tricky at times. Most lenders will qualify you for subprime car loans, giving you higher monthly payments and less favorable terms. It is not good to lose hope if this happens though. Well, your credit score needs a bit of improvement, but you can still get a car loan that doesn’t interfere with the amount you have set for a month. A great way to repair your credit is by making consistent payments towards the car loan.

How people with bad credit can rely on auto financing


  • Know the credit score well

Just before the shopping process, getting to know the credit score is extremely important. Tools like my Bankrate provide free reporting on one’s credit, and can also shed light on factors behind the score. Some factors such as delinquent payments may be addressed immediately. Credit improvement actions may give you a favorable position with lenders.


  • Shop around

There are quite a number of lenders who provide car loans for bad credit; they may be competitors for your business. While your score may be tarnished, you may still find better chances somewhere. To be safe, you might want to visit three distinct lenders within a two week period.


  • Have pre-qualification with credit unions and banks

This can be a very powerful negotiating tool even if you don’t think you can get a loan. A bad credit score may make it difficult to pre-qualify for a car loan due to the for-profit nature of banks. On the bright side though, having a good relationship with the said bank may give you more luck in landing a manageable car loan.

Credit unions may be more open to lenders with bad credit. They will need you to be a member, but it is relatively easy to meet the requirements.

Dealerships rely on subprime auto leads to find the cheapest car to fit your budget and credit score. Consumers will need to take long-term financial commitments such as cost of gas, repairs, insurance and mileage into consideration.

Which are the cheapest cars for subprime buyers?

These are the most economical car purchases as compiled by

  1. The Toyota Corolla
  2. The Toyota Matrix
  3. The Honda Civic
  4. The Nissan Altima
  5. The Honda Accord


For additional information about subprime auto leads for subprime buyers contact us today. AutoFriend Leads Inc. can help pair subprime buyers with car dealerships based on a buyers credit score and income.

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Salute and Drive Friends Of The Vets

By Ricardo,

Salute and Drive Future Nissan Special Financing for Veterans

AutoFriend and Salute and Drive Team Up To Help Vets

As a nation for its people, we do not do enough for our active military and veterans.  The Salute and Drive Military Benefits program was started by Carl Saunders at the Future Auto Group in California.  Carl served our nation proudly as a member of the U.S. Air Force. He is now giving back to his community in a number of ways.  Some of those ways include, finding jobs for Vets and helping them obtain financing for a car or truck purchase. He has also created a program to benefit active and past service men and women save money on service and parts at his dealership.  

The sacrifice our military men and women have given to our country is the reason for America’s free enterprise system.  AutoFriend has decided to be pro-active alongside Carl and his team for this great cause.  If you are a member of the military, active or retired, you may be wondering what discounts you may be entitled to.  Regardless of your credit situation you can contact AutoFriend or Carl Saunders directly to find out the specifics. The Salute and Drive program is geared towards helping people build credit and increase eligibility for future VA loans for even a home purchase! Additionally, the program can help reduce interest rates on credit cards, personal loans, etc.

Here are some benefits of working with Carl and AutoFriend:

  • We have a large network of lenders and affiliates to help manage the purchase
  • Streamline the process of buying your dream car or truck
  • Help create awareness in the automotive space
  • Nissan has a military program that helps Veterans save up to $1000 on a purchase
  • Customer service is second to none!

We understand that low credit scores or limited credit history can make it difficult for military families to get the financing they need to maintain a healthy lifestyle.  Carl has the experience and industry knowledge in helping people fix their credit.

The Salute and Drive Program also includes a secondary mission called “Vet’s Hiring Vet’s”.  Carl’s goal is to ensure employment opportunities to all Vet’s and make it known they are welcome to be a part of his already successful team.  

Please join Carl and AutoFriend by creating awareness of the great benefits this program offers through our social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and of course Face to Face so those that would like take advantage of these benefits are able.

Thank you again & God Bless America!

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