Buy Used Car Leads with AutoFriend Leads

buy used car leads and used car sales leads by AutoFriend Leads Inc.Are you looking to buy used car leads? AutoFriend Leads provides the best used car leads in the nation. Our team of experts specialize in generating car sales leads for used cars by creating landing pages that educate consumers on special financing options for those with bad credit.

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Are you an automotive dealer and looking for a used car lead generation company? If so, you have landed on the right page. With, you can capture used auto leads real fast! When there are millions of visitors monthly looking for information related to used cars, we help you reach out to the right audience, at the right time.


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If the US automotive industry is measured by performance, it would make sense for the used car lead generation program to be gauged by performance too, right? This is the reason our used car program is 100 percent performance driven. No long term commitment or 30-day out period!


Our Innovative Marketing Tools and Features

When genuine car shoppers interact with you directly over the phone, closing rates are sure to soar. It doesn’t end there. AutoFriend’s innovative auto lead generation features continue working to boost used car sales leads.

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